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Leak in the hulk / August 31, 2017

We found a small leak in our hulk next to the B&G sensor, which sits at the deepest bilge (underneath the salon table).

The sensor has been exchanged in Turkey by the ‘EMEK specialists’. As with lots of other things, the assumed specialists used the wrong material to assemble the sensor. Consequently the material got rotten and spongy by the time, resulting in water intrusion in the surrounding and finally in the boat. Even a small leak does not feel good especially if salty water is involved, and the damage will most certainly grow.

As we face a compulsory break, we think about hauling our GrosDoux out and fix the leak, – professionally this time. The Marina Badalona has enough space on the dry dock, but in Spain are holidays, thus nearly no specialists available; the few not being on holidays are totally overloaded…

On top, I’ve found some water in the bilge next to our almost new fridge. We don’t know yet whether its condensation or a leak in the hose, – but at least its fresh water…

There is really no time for boredom on a boat….

Finally our GrosDoux goes to the dry dock, – the second time this year.

In no time the leak is analyzed, cleaned and the rotten surrounding removed. During the night the humidity is removed by means of a vacuum dryer. The next day the specialists close the hole with a special epoxy-glass -fiber mix. Again the vacuum dryer is used to press the substances together and dry the material without causing cracks. Last but not least the workmanship will be covered with Epoxy primer and finally Coppercoat.


As our iron keel and some other small places are in the process of getting rid of the Coppercoat, we decide to give it another try. Why the Coppercoat at the iron keel is coming off again after having it renewed in Tunisia in spring this year, we don’t know. Nevertheless we give it a last chance, this time again with Epoxy primer underneath. – All good things come in threes, – at least we hope so.

We paint and brush like hell, because it’s so hot the Coppercoat dries faster as assumed. After 2,5 hours painting several layers we have finished and hope it will last this time.

Tomorrow we will grind the surface, afterwards we have to go back into the water.

Late in the afternoon everything is fine: GrosDoux goes back swimming. I am a trifle nervous as Robin’s back to Switzerland, so I am fully responsible for everything. I am happy that the two guys having done most of the work will drive with me to our mooring.

Whether my crew or I have been more nervous I don’t know, but finally our GrosDoux is at her mooring without any damage caused. For me it was the first time bringing her to the mooring. Again she showed me that she does not like to drive backwards, at least not where I wanted her to go. Nevertheless, with enough support of the strong bow-thruster I managed it at the fourth attempt….

During the time our GrosDoux was on the dry dock, we had to move to a hotel. The time in-between we used to make some excursions. – Next to our culinary excursions

— also the home-made ones:

…we also had some cultural highlights at the most charming town Vic, which is in the north of Badalona:

See u soon!

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