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Plan meets reality / September 15, 2017

You most probably recognized that we stayed a trifle longer as planned at Badalona. Family as well as health issues called us several times to Switzerland. We hope that the health is soon recovered, in order being able to continue our trip. Till then we face the question of the best winter place for our GrosDoux; – we won’t make the Canaries this year.

Our most preferred destination is Mallorca, but it’s not easy to get a berth to a reasonable price there. A further option is Valencia, which most certainly has to offer a lot and berths to moderate prices. Last but not least, we think about staying at Badalona till Robin is fit again.

In the meantime we kill time by wine tastings:

We didn’t find one which suits our tastes yet, thus goes into our wine bilge. – But just tasting is also quite funny:

In-between we have time for shopping, including shoe shopping:

…. Robin is rather excited about my new walking shoes, hence buys the same ones. During our extended winter time, we will have time for some walking….

Sightseeing trips to Saragossa, Logrono and the boondocks are also on our list till we move our GrosDoux to her winter place.

See you soon!

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  1. Dear Adventurers
    We have a dock for U in Knysna to avoid the Northern winter.
    We look forward to your arrival. soon
    Please look us up @ Pezula Private Estate C33 Conebush Circle
    Will be great to have you here for our Summer.
    with kind regards
    Pauline n Fred

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